Queen bee

If you think that a queen bee is the boss lady of a bee hive, she who is the single fertile female in a hive of honeybees – then you are correct.

The queen bees are at it again, pic: screenrant.com

However, that is not the only way in which this term is used.  A queen bee is also a woman who is in a dominate or favored position over her female peers.  The term is used mainly to refer to young women, girls actually, often high-school kids who have a dominate position in their group of peers, that is their class or school.

Queen bees are the cool ones, the ones who set the trend and get the hot guys.  If a queen bee wears a particular sweater today everybody else will want it tomorrow.  She is frequently emulated and often envied.  Since assuming and keeping such a position is not easy queen bees are often mean and condescending,  surrounded by a clique of “girl-friends”  who would sell their soul to be her.

Queen bees are feared but generally not loved.  Mean queen bees have become quite an issue in the US society and so books are written and movies are made about queen bee characters.

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