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October 3, 2011

More man-stuff

Man cave certainly is one of the more frequently used of the new “man terms” but there are others.  Here a a few more important ones:

Manscape – the process of removing unwanted and overabundant body hair from a male body.  The days where real men looked like our hairy cousins in the trees seems to be over – at least for now and so a minimum of “maintenance” is required even by males.  Which, I guess, is fair since most of them seem to expect women to undergo pricy and painful hair removal procedures frequently.  So the process of shaving, plucking, waxing a man’s cheat, back or other regions is refered to in popular culture as manscaping.

Then there is the manshower – it had to happen though I personally have never heard that any of my friends and acquaintances had done  such a thing.  The manshower is the male event equivalent  to the babyshower – an event for the dad-to-be.  Whereas the ladies are supposed to sit at home, eat dainty cupcakes and drink herbal teas the guys go out for a round on male fun, like golfing and then have a guy appropriate dinner – steak and beer at some sports bar.