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October 9, 2011

Eye Candy

This word came up this morning in conversation and so I thought it might also make a good blog entry: eye candy.

Definitely eye candy, pic:

To say it right away: an eye candy is nothing one eats, and is not made of sugar.  An eye candy is what the name implies: something that pleases the eye like a real candy might please the palate.  Sweet, unsubstantial and probably not all that good for you.   In short, an eye candy is a person considered highly attractive to look at.  The expression implies that these person may be lacking in intelligence or depth. The latter is not necessarily the case but it could well be.  However, it does not matter because you look at an eye candy – not engage them in intellectual conversation.

Both men and women can be eye candy, sometime the term is also used for objects.

Here is an usage example: “we had a great time at the beach – lot’s of eye candy there”.