Something 101

The other 101 - the Freeway. Pic:

101 is a Freeway (we Californians call our Highways Freeways, don’t ask me why – at least not now) near our house but you will encounter the number in other contexts as well -mostly when study subjects are concerned.  For example you might take economics or physics 101 in school.  A 101 course of anything is an introductory course, where you learn the basics.

The next level up is not 102 but 201.  So once you successfully completed Accounting 101 you can move on to Accounting 201 – if  you are so inclined.

The expression 101 is also used in daily language with reference to basic skills or knowledge.  You might say to somebody who just told you that he/she can’t prepare a simple pasta dish “what?? you can’t make a pasta with tomato sauce.   But that is cooking 101.  How can you not know how to do that?”


“Before you read War and Peace in the Russian Original you might have to take a bit more than Russian 101.”





One Comment to “Something 101”

  1. A freeway is free, not a turnpike like they have in Joisey and other points east where you have to pay. The Brits call it a tollway I believe.

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