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March 6, 2012

Rare and amusing insults

Call him a hobbledehoy and he'll think you are a total geek, pic:

Thanks to a friend’s Facebook post I just found Merriam-Webster’s list of 10 rare and amusing insults.  That totally warrants a blog entry – or two.  I went through the list and have to admit that I did not know 9 1/2 out of the 10, the half is one I think I might have heard before but really couldn’t be sure.

Let’s start with that: mooncalf which stands for a foolish, somewhat simple- and absent-minded person.  A bit more about the phrase, should you be interested is to be found here.

Another one that seems appropriate for somebody with a young boy who has a fair chance of becoming a geek: hobbledehoy, which stands for an awkward, gawky young man. The origin of that one seem to be foggy – quite like its future.  Problem with an insult – especially when hurled at a young man with a large arsenal of inappropriate word is, that if neither he nor any of his buddies understand the word or even that it is supposed to be a insult you might as well have cursed him in classical Greek.