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January 31, 2011

Bigger is better, part 3

This could be a short blog.  All I really would need to say to convey the idea of “bigger is better” with food and drink is two words: Trenta and Starbucks.

For those of you who have missed the recent discussion about this topic here is what happened:

Feel like filling your stomach to the rim with coffee - here is your answer, pic:

By popular demand (! – for once it wasn’t the marketing people who dreamed this up but the customers asking for it) Starbucks introduced a larger size beverage: the Trenta.  The Trenta is – with 916 ml – a big step up from the Venti who at 591 ml is a total leightweight.  The Grande (473 ml) seems to be for toddlers and hardly anybody other than me and some of my crazy friends ever consider ordering the Tall (354 ml, also the size of a can of soda).

To put a Trenta in perspective you need to know one additional piece of information: the average capacity of an adult human stomach is about 900 ml and with that smaller than the Trenta.

Makes sense much?

One more example, a bit anecdotal but real: there is an Italian restaurant not to far from where we live.  My husband and I went there once and ordered an appetizer salad to share plus a main course to share knowing the place had a reputation for large portions and we wanted to keep room for dessert.  Both of us were hopelessly stuffed after the salad, took the main course to go and had dinner twice more eating the left-overs.

That isn’t normal.  Nobody needs that much food.  It’s a huge waste.  I furthers rampant obesity – its wrong on so many levels and yet it is so common.

Wasn’t such a short blog after all.