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September 5, 2012

Even Madder

No text needed 🙂 , pic:

As discussed the other day there are a number of slang words for a mental institution but that number pales in comparison to the words and expressions used to convey the idea of a person being insane.

Crazy is the probably the least offensive one, it can also mean cool in a with a bizarre or risky  edge to it.  “The way you skied down that double black diamond hill was just crazy.”

Others are:

nutty /nuts /nuttso, cuckoo, loony, lunatic, bananas, whacky, whacko  – are all possibilities (there are more, of course).  Obviously there are shades of grey here, bananas implies more unbelievable and ridiculous than seriously crazy, whereas wacko or whacky  has more of an element of stupid and strange to it “this plan of yours is just totally whacky, it will never work.”

For the geeks among us – and I haven’t heard this used in a long time probably since the days when I attended #1 geek school in the country – non-linear.  Which implies that a person, all of a sudden, displays some strange and out of character behavior, e.g. the quite withdrawn student who, suddenly, one night goes all out, parties until the wee hours and then pays a hefty price the next day in form of a hang-over and for the rest of his student days by having to endure jokes like “do you remember the day when Joey went completely non-linear.  I still remember his face before he passed out.”

There is more good crazy stuff here- enough for another post some time.