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March 6, 2012

Rare and amusing insults

Call him a hobbledehoy and he'll think you are a total geek, pic:

Thanks to a friend’s Facebook post I just found Merriam-Webster’s list of 10 rare and amusing insults.  That totally warrants a blog entry – or two.  I went through the list and have to admit that I did not know 9 1/2 out of the 10, the half is one I think I might have heard before but really couldn’t be sure.

Let’s start with that: mooncalf which stands for a foolish, somewhat simple- and absent-minded person.  A bit more about the phrase, should you be interested is to be found here.

Another one that seems appropriate for somebody with a young boy who has a fair chance of becoming a geek: hobbledehoy, which stands for an awkward, gawky young man. The origin of that one seem to be foggy – quite like its future.  Problem with an insult – especially when hurled at a young man with a large arsenal of inappropriate word is, that if neither he nor any of his buddies understand the word or even that it is supposed to be a insult you might as well have cursed him in classical Greek.

March 8, 2011


All real douchebag! pic:

Now here is a word for you that you want to say to somebody’s face if you really want to offend him: douchebag.

More often this is said about people who aren’t present, behind their backs as it is a very strongly negative word.  So here we go:  a douchebag is jerk, an asshole, a arrogant, obnoxious, mean, dumb, pretentious,  or dim-witted person.  Douchebags are generally male.

The use of this word as an slangy insult is fairly new, or at least only recently has it been widely used in real life conversation and on TV.  Originally the term describes a device used to introduce a stream of water into the body, particularly the vagina,  for medical or hygienic reasons.  How we got from here to a jerky guy – who knows.

This is definitely a word you want to use sparingly and never apply it to a colleague or – worse – boss with anybody in ear-shoot.