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October 3, 2011

More man-stuff

Man cave certainly is one of the more frequently used of the new “man terms” but there are others.  Here a a few more important ones:

Manscape – the process of removing unwanted and overabundant body hair from a male body.  The days where real men looked like our hairy cousins in the trees seems to be over – at least for now and so a minimum of “maintenance” is required even by males.  Which, I guess, is fair since most of them seem to expect women to undergo pricy and painful hair removal procedures frequently.  So the process of shaving, plucking, waxing a man’s cheat, back or other regions is refered to in popular culture as manscaping.

Then there is the manshower – it had to happen though I personally have never heard that any of my friends and acquaintances had done  such a thing.  The manshower is the male event equivalent  to the babyshower – an event for the dad-to-be.  Whereas the ladies are supposed to sit at home, eat dainty cupcakes and drink herbal teas the guys go out for a round on male fun, like golfing and then have a guy appropriate dinner – steak and beer at some sports bar.

October 1, 2011

Man cave

Man caves seem to be popping up all over the country – in basements and garages, dens, attics and unused bedrooms – at least if TV ads are accurately reflecting reality.  A man cave is a sanctuary for the modern man, mostly equipped with a large screen TV, video games, Wii, comfortable loungers that often lack severely in the design department and – of course – a fridge for a few cool ones.

A perfect man cave, pic:

This is were the modern man and his buddies hang out, watch sports, complain about their wives, play games, use the f-word in over-abundance  and probably visit a few sites on their computer that nether their wives, nor their mothers or priests would approve of.

The fact that the man caves defy all good taste and design sense seems part of the allure – this is where big fish and deer heads get mounted on walls, pages from the Sports Illustrated swim suit calendar adorn walls and brown pleather is all the rage.

I guess it is called man cave for a reason.   The term man space apparently exists but I have never heard anybody use it.