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May 16, 2011

Art vs Prudishness

David's assets are modestly hidden in this picture, Pic: Tina Baumgartner

Here is another story under the heading “Only in America …”  This one plays in the town of Abilene in Texas and started with some new people moving into the neighborhood and putting a piece of art into their yard.  Not just any art, though, a replica downsized version of Michelangelo’s David.

David is a good-looking guy and he doesn’t wear a fiber of fabric on him – neither in the marble original located in Florence, Italy nor in the replica downsized version now adorning that front yard in Abilene.  And that is where the problems start – a statute of a nude guy upsets the neighbors – they find it offensive, they are outraged.   Especially the families are upset, specifically the mothers because children start asking questions and comment on David’s “assets”.

“So?” I am inclined to say – being my immoral European self – let them ask and then answer, its not like some explicit sexual act is being shown here – just a guy.  And: “To hell with all the prudishness and moral outrage over body parts.  Get over it, explain to your child that this is how they used to do it back in the days in Italy and that they didn’t think much of showing a guy’s (insert word for the body part in question you normally use at home, if you don’t use one it is about time you start).

Word is, that the homeowners have no plans to take David away or put a pair of swim trunks or a fig leave on him – I’ll try and follow that story, though, to see how long it will take for them to crumble under the combined moral outrage of an entire neighborhood.

Be strong, guys!