Fat Lady

A very literal interpretation of the expression, pic: operaadventuress.blogspot.com

Today I have a really curious expression: “it’s not over until the fat lady sings”.  the expression means “it isn’t over until it is over” or, in other words, the outcome of a game or competition isn’t know until the event is truly over.  Even if it looks like one might lose there is still a chance to win right up to the last second.

Although this expression is used a lot for sporting events and competitions nowadays it is derived from music, specifically opera.  There the last aria is sung by a usually, aehm, well-build soprano aka “the fat lady” and the opera isn’t over until she is done singing.

Here is an example:

Sport commentator 1: “This is a really tight race but at the moment (insert the name of your you favorite athlete here) is in the lead.”

Sport commentator 2:  “Yes, but the race ain’t over until the fat lady sings.”

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